Ways to Contribute to this Project

Every contribution is important, even if you share this page on your social networks, you are already helping us to spread the word about this project. We would be really grateful if you donate to this campaign or buy any of the products detailed below. You can also make your contribution via paypal or credit card.

Each contribution will be used to continue sharing this message, and collecting smiles around the world.



Bank Account

transfer to Roberto Corona Contreras

ID 15002523-0

 Cuenta Corriente at Banco de Chile

N° 001071504401



$ 1 USD

$ 10 USD

Iconics Places with Robi Smiles

Travel with us in this great adventure


Your portrait next to Robi Smiles in 3 iconic places of my trip around the world, I will share it in the official account  of Robi Smiles on Instagram


Estimated  Date of Delivery

from June 2019

$ 24 USD

 Collecting Smiles Calendar 2019

Each month a new reason to smile


An exclusive fine art calendar, with 12 of the best smiles from my 2016 collection


Estimated  Date of Delivery

January - April 2017

$ 30 USD

Collecting Smiles T-Shirt

Now you can also collect smiles


Cotton T shirt very good quality.


Estimated  Date of Delivery

April 2017

$ 40 USD

Collecting Smiles Book

A Journey of Gratitude,

in pursuit of happiness


Every picture, a story, every story, a new reason to smile... 


Estimated  Date of Delivery

March 2017

$ 50 USD

4 Signed Grateful Postcard

Cheers from every corner of this planet


I will send you 4 diferent post-card to say thanks for your support and include a smile from the place I'm at that moment 



Estimated  Date of Delivery

from April 2017

$ 100 USD

All of the Above
Grateful for all the love


You will get all of the perks, thanks so much for all the support :)


Estimated  Date of Delivery

April 2017

$ 1500 USD

Motivational talks

Experiences that inspire us to appreciate life as a gift


Be the sponsor of motivational talks in my travel route or  at your own community.


Estimated Date of Delivery