Roberto is a modest individual with amazing amount of energy. He has loads of inspiring stories and experiences to share. A nomad at heart.


He will open your eyes to love. A man, who with camera on his side and tranquil energy, will bring in this world a lot more reasons to smile



Anupam Anand



Roberto is a gem. Sweet, real, genuine to the core. So blessed to have met him and now running a meaningful project with him too!


There are a few people on this planet that live a life that exemplifies the truly genuine and pure values we all know are possible.



Jaime Bianchini

California, USA


Maski Haile

Addis Ababa, Etiopía

Fate took me to Roberto. I admired his passion for peace and his projects from far and somehow ended up meeting him unexpectedly


Thanks for the great time with you. I can’t ever forget your big smile when you shows up with sweets any time of the day or night :-)!



Maski Haile

Addis Ababa, Etiopía


hey my friend, i will always love to hear you singing, especially after few shots. I am really enjoying your friendship...


Such a cool kindhearted guy, with purified soul, thanks for making me feel part of the family.



Anas Hamed

Amman, Jordania

Roberto, I wish u only the best for your life, because if there’s someone who deserves it, its u!


Words are not enough to describe him truly. However hard u try to give back to him all his kindness, u will feeling that u were only taking



Andrea Adamcova

Bratislava, Eslovaquia



Roberto is very trustworthy, he really offers his time willingly and he is a truly genuine, warm, loveable and honest person


I think of him as a real friend for life. I hope one day he will come to England and I will be able to share my life, time and family too



Babita Paul

Bedfordshire, England