Forget about boundaries,

Break the chains that prevent you

From reaching your freedom

There are no limits anymore

Chase your dreams

And make them come true



    My mother was holding me in her arms, it was very late at night, my father was driving fast, I directed my gaze up to see the reflection of the lights that looked like shooting stars above us, I wondered how I got into this world, as I was very young there were many things that I didn’t understand, I thought that perhaps I got here as one of those stars that seemed to fade away in the infinite…It is strange to try to bring back my first memories as a child, as somehow, I feel vulnerable and a bit nostalgic realizing that the purity of my soul and the innocence of my being have slowly faded, like those shooting stars that I remember so clearly.


    I grew up in an environment full of love, my parents made sure that my childhood was a happy one, and they have tried to protect me above all to the extent that I’ve lived most of my life without worries, or great problems…  I’ve lived in a crystal bubble that burst later than normal, but as soap bubbles, my bubble rise so high that when it burst, it felt like falling from the highest altitude in the sky, crashing strongly against the real world…


    I learnt from my mistakes, disappointments and betrayals, I learnt that not everyone in this world has good intentions and that some people live their lives driven by jealousy, greed and hatred… but in spite of all of the bad things that exist in life, in the most profound part of my heart, I feel I have an important mission to carry out, a message of hope and love that I must share…


The time to express how I feel

Has come

Opening my wings and flying

To this new world